Friday, February 22, 2013

Birthday Horoscopes for February 22

February 22nd Birthday Horoscopes: 

Todays Birthday Horoscope of February 22nd, Children born on this day came to earth in the way of universality. You generally believe in the greatest good to serve the masses.  A soul with an innate nature to revolutionize the way people should live freely.  You share a Birthday with George Washington, Drew Barrymore, and Ted Kennedy. 

Do no harm and they tend to be diplomatic and patriotic feelings run high here. They are natural born leaders that run organizations, community, and even countries very well. They are lovers of universal freedom, high idealists, they wish that all enjoy the blessings of a good life, without threat of tyranny or oppression. Through service of others, their ego dissolves here. However, they face the challenges like all people do of being unforgiving, pessimistic and overcritical when things do not go according to plan. 

They have a revolutionary and rebellious nature being that they are born on the day of The Fool Card. This Card means they take risks with great faith and explore beyond limits that average people dare not. However, on this day, you need to revolutionize the way to ROCK OUT this birthday bash with a BANG! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why Follow Piper

Today, was the biggest decision....

I wanted to share secret story with you about a truth.   I am a visionary that often shares her hopes and

dreams for the ideal future to so many that I decided to write this Blog about Love, Passion, Life, and


Not from the perspective of myself or of any selfish means, but through the eyes of you.   I dare you to

dream again and my intentions are to create a powerful playground where freedom of expression is

safe.  To resolve the underlying message inside a toiled soul.  I am determine to pull out your truth

through manifesting thoughts, visions, passions, and ideas that you long have

forgotten about.   The time of your life that you thought has come to past; I reinstate it into your present

moment.  This safe haven is for you.  My gift is to share a passion of your dreams and make them so

vividly clear so that they shine so bright, that the heavens above can see and hear that soulful purpose.

Suppression and Doubt had its spell on you for far too long.. You have to run away from that notion

and explode with rage, rebel against fear........